Pig Roast After The Event

Pig Roast starts at 3:00  Join us for good food, live music, and a silent auction with many exciting items.  Competitors will find two free entry wristbands in their packets; $20 donation from all others. Cash bar.


Prize Sponsors

 Many thanks to our Prizes Sponsors!


 Prizes List

Jane Macalree Foundation


Prizes !


     Many thanks to our prizes sponsors, Bit of Britain and the Jane Macalree Foundation.

All Levels

All divisions except Junior: $250 first place, prizes for 2nd and 3rd places, ribbons to 8th place.

Junior divisions:

     Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, ribbons to 8th place.

Sheila Hundt Memorial Award

     Awarded to the rider with the best dressage score of the day

Fox Creek Farm Trophy

     Awarded to the Preliminary rider with the lowest score overall

Founder's Award

     Awarded to the rider with the lowest score who is also a member of the Radnor       Hunt Pony Club

Junior Training Rider Cooler

     Awarded to the Junior Training rider with the best score

Richard H. Thompson Memorial Trophy and $1000

To the rider who wins their division by the greatest percentage of points, at any level and division.

The average final score will be calculated for each division (total of all scores divided by number of riders in that division), which will then be divided by the winning score in that division.  This result will be a number greater than 1.  Let's call that number the "winning factor".  Whomever has the highest "winning factor", had the best performance of the day and wins the award.

here's an example:
Avg score for Novice rider division = 39.9
winning score for Suzy Que, Novice rider = 32
Suzy Que won by a factor of 1.25 (39.9 divided by 32)

Avg score Novice horse division = 38.2
Winning score for Joe Jones, Novice horse = 29
Joe Jones won by a factor of 1.31 (38.2 divided by 29)

Avg score for Training rider division = 35
Winning score of Jane Doe, training rider = 31
Jane Doe won by a factor of 1.13 (35 divided by 31)

Avg score for Training horse division = 37.5
Winning score of John Doe, training horse = 33
John Doe won by a factor of 1.13 (37.5 divided by 33)

In this example Joe Jones wins the prize for best overall performance, because he beat his opponents by the highest "winning factor

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